I Heart Old Tech. Do you?

Original image by Oksay

I got a great email the other day, from listener Andy Collins. He wanted to know if we'd considered doing a show on old tech gear and the people who love it. These are people who won't give up on a treasured gadget, even when the manufacturer is ready to move on. Andy writes:

I recently found out that my trusty Apple Newton has a bug in its date code and will go belly-up in January 2010, I'm gutted. I've carried it around in my bag for years and it's become a part of my daily life. I like the big screen (that's big enough to write on) I like the fact that I don't have to save anything, it does it for me. I like the fact that if the batteries fail my data will be safe.

Do you stand up proudly in our throwaway, more-is-better culture, holding on to old-but-works-great technology? Will you risk techno-hipster ridicule because, 'dammit, it's a cell phone and it works and I don't need another one?' Share your stories here!


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