I Left This (Blog Post) Here for You to Read

Original image used with permission of Tim Devin

For the April 22nd/25th episode of Spark, I interviewed Boston-based artist, Tim Devin. His project, "i left this here for you to read" is a cool bit of public art. People send Tim written submissions or images to be included in a magazine that he produces. Once the magazine is done, copies are sent out to be distributed by volunteers. People will leave them on park benches, shopping malls.....anywhere they think a complete stranger might like a free magazine to read.

A lot of Tim Devin's work involves connecting with strangers in urban spaces, or encouraging the sharing of personal stories that relate to locations in contemporary cities. In the spirit of Tim's work, we thought we'd like to get in on the action and we hope the Spark community will chip in and participate.

Here's what we've got in mind.

We want to write a collaboratively written list that can go into an upcoming edition of "i left this here for you to read". Just tell us the best place to meet strangers in your city or town....and why. For instance, I would probably say the best place in Toronto is I Deal Coffee in Kensington Market, because a LOT of are people standing waiting for their coffee in a very small space, and no one ever seems to be in a hurry. Even frosty Torontonians warm up! Thoughts?


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