Hello, I Must Be Going!

photo by steve p2008

I'm posting on behalf of the CBC's Sean Prpick. He needs your help on this story. Sean writes:

It's a sad fact of corporate life that in these recessionary times many of us are either the recent recipients, or even the authors of all-staff goodbye e-mails. You know, the e-mails with the inevitable phrase like, "I'm leaving to pursue other challenges." It's an unpleasant task to either send or receive these e-mails. But is there a way to say "Adios!" to your co-workers elegantly -- or at least in a non-embarrassing, non-cliché fashion?

These and other issues are surfaced in a recent Slate article, It's Been Such a Pleasure Working With You: The strange psychology of the workplace departure e-mail by Megan Hustad.

The urge to write about how stupid your boss is, or how you'll never get over the trauma of losing your beloved job might just be too much for you and...you might slip into writing an especially unfortunate all-staff farewell that will haunt you for a long time to come.

In any case, we have some questions for you:

Do you know of any spectacularly bad examples of farewell all-staff messages?

How about especially good ones that left you dabbing at your eyes and stifling a sob?

And have you ever written an especially bland, safe farewell e-mail when you wished you said something a lot spicier?

Here's your chance! Share it with Spark and we'll share it with others in an upcoming episode of the show. Leave a comment below, or send us an email.


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