When is a Facebook profile an emotional heirloom?

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How many of you have digital versions of your family tree online?  There's a wealth of genealogy sites to chose from, of course.  And soon enough, Canadian startup Arcalife will be inviting you to sign your family history up with them.

Thing is, Arcalife incorporates social networking into the weaving of the family history.  Founder and CEO Paul Taylor believes there's an "emotional heirloom" quality to our digital lives.  So, beyond creating a family tree, adding photographs and videos,  he thinks you can invest a bit of  legacy  into your otherwise ephemeral profiles, blog posts and tweets.

Nora will be chatting with Paul Taylor in an upcoming episode about Arcalife and our digital heritage.

But we've been thinking:  with all this information we're pumping into the Internet... with the wealth of data, ideas, connections and relationships we make, cultivate, and break online, are we doing a good enough job at immortalizing some of it?

For that matter, is anything you do online worth preserving?  How are you curating your digital life for posterity?

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