Laptop or Desktop?

laptop or desktop?
original photo by Kevin

Let's say you had to choose between owning a laptop or desktop. This would be your only computer. Which would you choose?

We started talking about this at the office when we saw a story about how laptop sales recently surpassed desktop sales for the first time. Reuters reports:

"It was yet another sign that the former dominance of desktop PCs is fading as wireless advances and lower prices make laptops the preferred option for millions of PC users around the world."

Personally, I am a laptop kind of girl. I like to take it to coffee shops and on trips. The downside is that I run the risk of becoming a hunchback, but I am working on a better laptop set-up.

What do you think? Are you a laptop or a desktop? Leave your comments below and tell us why. Extra points if you include a cute lolcat caption for this photo!


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