The Chase: The Future of the Phone Book?

phone book
Photo by PinkMoose

I have four copies of the yellow pages at my house. They just keep piling up, but I almost never use them. I can find any number I need online. When it comes to personal calls, most of my friends don't have landlines anymore, so I gave the white pages the heave-ho years ago.

We've decided to do a story on the future of the phone book. Is this something you use regularly, or has it become an obsolete technology?

We're not really sure what approach we're going to take to the story, so your comments would be helpful. We're looking for your opinions and your stories.

Have you found a new use for your phone book, or do you know someone who is doing something cool with old phone books?

Do you think we should have a registry in Canada where you can unsubscribe from the phone book so it doesn't show up on your doorstep again? I found this site today.

Post your comments below or send us an email and we'll try to work your comments into the story.


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