Show us your rat's nest


Original photo by gruzuk.

Update: Nora has interviewed Steven Schkolne. Listen here.

Update 2: According to fire protection engineer Arie Friedman, putting ethernet cables in a clothes dryer is a potential safety risk. We suggest you find another way to tangle your cables.

Quick. Look behind your computer.

Do you see a writhing, disorganized rat's nest of cables?

On Monday, Nora will interview Steven Schkolne, creator of speedcabling, which makes untangling those cables into a sport. You can check out video of a speedcabling match on YouTube.

As inspiration, we want to see the tangled web of wires beneath your desk. Email photos of your rat's nest to, or submit them to the Spark Flickr pool. One lucky listener will walk away with a spiffy Spark bag.


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