Full Interview: Carlos Bueno on Teaching Kids Code Through Metaphor


There's been a lot of talk about whether or not learning computer programming language is as essential a skill as learning to read or write. Back in October 2011 we talked about it with Program or Be Programmed author Douglas Rushkoff as well as here, and again on last week's Spark. It's a fascinating subject, and last week Nora did an interview with Carlos Bueno (which you'll hear on our upcoming show in a few days). Carlos is a Software Engineer at Facebook and the author of Lauren Ipsum a book that introduces coding to kids by using metaphor. Other things we think are cool about the book: Carlos' wife Ytaelena Lopez did the illustrations. And for every copy that is sold, another copy will be donated to schools, libraries, and educational programs. You can hear the full, uncut interview below, or download the MP3. [runs 12:27]


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