Computers can identify you by the way you walk

footprint1-620x349.jpg                                                                                                                                       CC photo by A200Wells on Flickr

Recently on Spark, we've done a number of stories all about how trackable you are. For instance, a little while ago, we talked about facial recognition technology in the wild, and how surprisingly accurate it can be. It's all a little bit creepy. But here at Spark, we like to get a little creepy once in a while.

Recently, we talked to someone who's working on another way for computers to identify you in the real world: by the way you walk. Todd Pataky is an assistant professor in the Department of Bioengineering at Shinshu University, and he recently published a study in which he correctly identified individuals by their gait with 99.6% accuracy.

You can hear part of Spark's interview with Todd below, or download the MP3. [runs 4:28]

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