Full Interview: David Schropfer on Google Wallet

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Money, money everywhere but not a coin to clink. As data communications evolve, ways to transfer money are changing too. Google has announced the launch of Google Wallet in the US. It's simple-use your smart phone to pay for things. No cash. No credit card. No debit. No cheque.

A mobile money system is new for North America, but a couple of months ago we took a look at the already functioning system in Kenya. Back then, David Schropfer joined Nora to talk about the evolution of mobile money. He is the author of The Smartphone Wallet - Understanding the Disruption Ahead. David joined Nora again to talk about the latest developments, especially everyone's key question: "How secure is this thing, anyway?"

You can hear the full interview below, or download the MP3 [runs 18:32]. A shorter version will air on an upcoming episode of Spark.

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We'd also like to hear what you think of the smartphone wallet. How willing are you to use your cell phone to pay for things? As always, comments below and we'd also like to hear your good old-fashioned human voice at the Spark Hotline: 1-877-34-SPARK.

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