Full Interview: Gary Shteyngart

Photo by Mercedes Ramirez Guerrero

Gary Shteyngart's new novel is called Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel, and it's been getting great reviews and making waves since it hit the bookshelves back in July. It tells the story of Lenny, a 39 year old worried about his looks and health in a relentlessly youth-oriented culture, who falls hard for 24 year-old Eunice Park.  They fall in love in a near-future New York, where the wealthy get nano-technology treatments to avoid ageing, the US economy has collapsed and is tottering under war, class struggle, and a one- party state.  And, it's a comedy, with lots of satirical, dystopian, and hilarious things to say about contemporary techno-culture.

A shorter version of this interview will air soon when Season 4 of Spark gets underway.  To listen to the full, uncut interview download the MP3. [runs 21:01]

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