Full Interview: Gerry Meek on the future of public libraries

Original image by westher

A little while ago, PSFK pointed to the beautiful redesign of a library in Almere, The Netherlands. The new library takes many design cues from retail bookstores. For example, the architectural firm behind the redesign

rethought how the books were to be displayed and abandoned the traditional linear shelves packed with books only showing the spines. [...] Duplicate copies of titles are stacked vertically. Customers can grab a copy from the top without other titles falling over which happens in traditional shelving.

And that got us thinking about the future of public library design. How will libraries of the future adapt to the changing needs and desires of the public? What happens to the physical space of a library as its holdings become increasingly digital?

To find out, Nora talked to Gerry Meek from the Calgary Public Library. A shorter version of this interview will air on Spark 117, but you can hear the full, uncut interview if you download the MP3. [runs 15:24]

As part of the show, we're also hoping to include your thoughts on what you'd like to see in a library of the future. Leave your comments below, or dial 1-877-34-SPARK (1-877-347-7275 toll free in Canada).

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