Full Interview: Jason Paul on Living Craigslist

Original photo by acloudman

Last Spring, Jason Paul graduated from college with a degree in communications. While in school, he interned at USA Today, The CBS Evening News, and theWashingtonPost.com.

After he graduated, Jason tried to get a writing job. He says he applied to over 180 publications, but got nothing but rejection letters back. So, Jason decided to try something different. Really different.

Jason had the idea of living his life off Craigslist. This means, he says, finding "jobs, housing, friends, food and other necessities entirely via Craigslist."

Jason is writing about his experiences at his blog, LivingCraigslist, and for a book he's working on.

A shorter version of this interview will air on Spark 102, but you can hear the full, uncut interview if you download the MP3. [runs 16:25]

Update: a shorter version of this interview aired on Spark 103.

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