Full Interview: Joe Coughlin on the future of aging

How old does someone have to be before you consider them "old?" 

We put that question to Joe Coughlin recently and guess what he said? Mid-forties! Yes, one of the leading researchers on aging says that in his lab, mid-forties is the threshold for older age. Thanks goodness he has a sense of humour about it.

Coughlin is the director of the Agelab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Agelab looks at the intersection of aging and technology, culture and public policy.

Nora spoke with Joe Coughlin about why he wants us to rethink our misconceptions around aging, what the baby boomers will expect from their golden years, and how we can make decisions now, so that we get the elder years we deserve. Plus, Joe gives us some longevity planning homework.

A shorter version of this interview will air on an upcoming episode of Spark, but you can  download the MP3 [runs 26:07].

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