Full Interview: Clay Shirky on your "cognitive surplus"


Original photo by Geekgirly

It's these kind of interviews that make us really happy we can post the uncut audio for everyone to hear. Nora recently interviewed author, teacher and thinker Clay Shirky. On the show, we play edited interviews so we can cover lots of ground, but online we have all the time in the world (wide web! haha...) Clay's interview is worth hearing in full.

Clay touches on some of the topics in his new book, Here Comes Everybody, such as the pros and cons of social media, new business models online, and how big change comes from human motivation, not shiny new technologies. On that point, he makes some interesting observations after the 19 minute mark.

Nora and Clay started off by talking about our "cognitive surplus," which Clay describes as "all the free thinking time that society has access to... in the brains of its citizens that isn't getting used for specific tasks." Think TV watching time, except Clay has some ideas on how you should be/could be spending your surplus.

A portion of this interview will appear on the May 21/24 episode of Spark. Download the MP3. Enjoy!

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