Get a life (on eBay)

According to his website, Ian Usher has a great life.

I live in a nice house in a beautiful area of a fantastic city, in one of the most amazing countries in the world. I have a car, a motorbike, a jet ski, spa, and much more. I live a great lifestyle; I go skydiving, snowboarding, diving, jet skiing, kite boarding. I have some great friends. I have a good job working with some wonderful people.

Sound good? Well, maybe you'd like to buy Ian's life.

Turns out, you can. This June, Ian plans to sell the whole kit and kaboodle on eBay.

Nora interviewed Ian last week, and the interview will air on the April 2/5 episode of Spark. If you want to hear the whole interview, you can download the MP3.

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