219: Data Harvesting and Video Games, The Battle for Cyberspace, Cooking and Science, Employees Eating Together, Molecules and Wine

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This week on Spark - The finer delights of food, wine, and chemistry. Why one scientist is ditching tradition and hacking the kitchen, and how a sommelier is taking wine pairing to the molecular level. Also, social games and data harvesting, and a look inside the battle for cyberspace .

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Data Harvesting and Video Games
Florence Chee has investigated "casual games" to determine how they are designed to effectively harvest data.

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Black Code
Ron Deibert on his new book, Black Code: Inside the Battle for Cyberspace, all about hackers, malware, and botnets, that gets at some of the key issues that Ron thinks will shape the future of our online lives.

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Eating Together
At software company Fog Creek, all the employees, including CEO and co-founder Joel Spolsky, eat lunch together at the same time. Joel believes it creates a happier environment and improves work function.

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Molecules and Wine
Francois Chartier is revolutionizing the pairing of wine and food by looking at aromatic molecules.

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Cooking and Science
Scientist-turned-food writer Kenji Lopez believes understanding things like chemistry and biology make us better cooks.

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