Spark 183 - May 20 & 23, 2012

On this episode of Spark: Phone Fonts, POV video, and Long-distance Love Tech. Click below to listen to the whole show, or download the MP3 (runs 54:00).

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We've all encountered those squiggly distorted letters on websites that you have decipher in order to prove you are, in fact, a person. But what if instead, you could play a short little game to prove you're not a bot? Nora speaks with Reid Tatoris, co-founder of Are You a Human - a company that's developed a game-based human verification system. (Runs 7:45)

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POV Video...In a Pair of Glasses


The trend toward sophisticated and easy-to-use point of view technology is heating up, and Spark contributor Cathi Bond stops by with a pair of POV video glasses to show Nora how you can now make high definition movies while walking around...and what the implications for privacy are. (Runs 6:40)

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Robots Love Film Fests, too


A lot is going on in New York City in the summer, but nothing quite like the second annual Robot Film Festival on July 14 and 15, a celebration of robots on film. Heather Knight is co-founder of the fest (she was on Spark a few weeks back about her robot comedian) and she tells us about the festivals goal to seek insight into robot character through storytelling and showing the positive side of robots on film. (Runs 6:23)

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Copyright and Bill C-11


This week, Bill C-11, the copyright reform bill, came out of committee and now awaits third reading. We thought it was a good time to check up on what's happened since the bill was originally introduced in the fall. And that's where David Fewer, Director of the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, comes in. (Runs 5:34)

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Tech for Long Distance Love

In some ways, being in an "LDR" or Long Distance Relationship, has never been easier. From webcams to instant messaging, it's cheap and easy to keep in constant touch. Researcher Carman Neustaedter has been looking into how couples use technology to stay in touch, and whether it can ever truly be as good as actual physical presence. (Runs 9:25)

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The Secret to Designing Phone Fonts


How do you design typeface that is easy to read on the small screens of our portable tech? Just ask Steve Matteson! He's designed successful fonts for Android phones and the Nook ereader. Nora talks with him about what it takes to make a font that really fits. (Runs 8:50)

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