Repeat of Spark 152 - April 8 & 11, 2012

This week on Spark's regular, over-the-air radio broadcast, you'll hear Spark 152: Post-Privacy, Facebook Psychology, and Open Data which first aired back in June 2011. But you won't hear Spark this week on the podcast, because we've promised no more podcast repeats. We'll be back with a brand-new episode of Spark in 2 weeks time, on April 22, 2012.

In the meantime, you can listen to the original broadcast of the whole show below or download the MP3 (runs 54:00).

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Making Music From Electricity Flow Data

Have you ever looked at the flow of electricity between New Brunswick and PEI and thought, "Wow, I wonder if I could turn that into music?" Yeah, us either. But Peter Rukavina did. With some technical skill and a few free web services, Peter was able to turn somewhat dull information about inter-province electricity flow into a novel and compelling mashup. (Runs 8:50)

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Open Data and Mass-Participation

Photo by boboroshi

We've talked a lot lately about the "Internet of Things" - the idea of everyday objects communicating with the Internet. One of the sites Peter Rukavina used to make his mashup is called Pachube. It's a platform that allows anyone to post and share real time data from the environment. So, maybe that's your energy use, or the temperature in different parts of a city. Or as is currently the case in Japan, Geiger counter radiation readings. Usman Haque is the founder and CEO of Pachube, which he designed ultimately as a way of structuring participation. (Runs 11:18)

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The Psychology of Facebook

Many of us have made our own unscientific observations about our friends on Facebook - noting who posts the most photos of their kid or who has their location geo-tagged so you know they're in the Loblaws one minute and at the bus stop the next. But recently released studies have shown that scientists have been using Facebook for actual scientific observations. Spark contributor Dan Falk sheds light on one of the more interesting findings - the significant difference between the way that men and women use the site. (Runs 9:23)

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Living Post-Privacy

Photo by Anna-Stina

Many of us are becoming more comfortable living publicly online, and Christian Heller is an extreme example. For the past year, Christian has been living completely transparently, posting everything about his life on a public wiki. He calls it "post-privacy" and Spark contributor Jonathan Gifford spoke to Christian to find out why he's doing it. Living in such a transparent way brings up all kinds of interesting questions about privacy so we called up Canada's Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart who recently released a report on online tracking and targeting. (Runs 16:43)

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