Show Notes: Episode 125 - October 31 & November 3, 2010

On this episode of Spark: Brain Tweets, Better Buses, and Paper. To listen to the whole show, download the MP3 (runs 54:00).

Just Like Paper!

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Ever feel like despite all the great things you can do with your digital devices, sometime you wish you just had a piece of paper to quickly jot something down on? Nora recently visited the Dynamic Graphics Project at the University of Toronto. She met with PhD student Dustin Freeman, because he's working on something called Scribbling With Typeset - a digital tool that mirrors the "figuring things out" power of paper. (Runs 7:21)

Building Better Buses

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Buses can be crowded, the system confusing,  or slow...and that's in your own city. When we're in an unfamiliar place, taking the bus can be even more overwhelming. So how can we build better buses? We hear first from Olivier Thereaux, a Web Architect in Montreal who recently blogged about our interaction with city buses, and then a conversation Nora had with Mark Miller, the CEO of Trapeze Group, a company that works to build better transportation systems.  (Runs 11:48)

The Dalai Lama on Tech

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Last week the Dalai Lama addressed a sold out crowd of thirty thousand people at Roger's Centre in Toronto. He was there to speak about "Human Approaches to World Peace", and part of his talk focused on technology and it's role in our search for happiness. The Dalai Lama's got a web site and a Twitter account with nearly a million followers. So it was interesting to hear what he had to say about the role of technology in our lives. (Runs 3:12)

In Praise of Email Lists

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As an author, comedian, speaker, TV host, and web editor of The Onion, Baratunde Thurston speaks and writes a lot about technology, and as a result uses a lot of it. He's was an early adopter of, and continues to be a very avid user of social media. So why does he recommend having an email mailing list of all things? Nora decided to ask him. (Runs 9:04)

iPhones For The Blind

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Austin Seraphin has been blind since birth. This past summer, Austin got an iPhone, and he loves it. In fact on his blog, he said it changed his life forever. So, how exactly does a blind person use a touchscreen device? Nora spoke to Austin to find out. (Runs 6:45)

Mind-Computer Interfaces

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A lot of us are on Twitter because it's fun and easy to use. You get a thought in your head, you tweet it. But what if you didn't have to type out your tweet?  Spark Contributor Sonya Buyting decided to see just how close we are to that reality.  (Runs 9:42)

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