Episode 60 - December 31, 2008 & January 3, 2009

Original image by Duy's Photo Shoots

For our New Year's show, we tried something a little different. Producer Jane Farrow put together a special episode chock-full of fresh ideas to inspire your own thinking in 2009.

And yes... I know we're posting this episode well before its airdate. We finished this episode early and couldn't wait to get it onto the web. So download the MP3 and follow along.

27 Ideas in 27 Minutes

  1. Use the "voice memo" function of your digital camera to record bird calls
  2. Preserve the colours of autumn leaves by scanning them with a digital scanner
  3. Turn sunken ships into artificial coral reefs
  4. Turn minefields into bird sanctuaries
  5. Attach your digital camera to a telescope to digiscope wildlife
  6. Sterilize wine barrels with a UV light stick
  7. Users, not designers, are often the best at figuring out what technology is for
  8. Turn up the brightness setting, and use your computer screen as light source when taking photos
  9. No window in your office? Add a webcam widget to your desktop
  10. Keep copies of your travel documents on a USB stick
  11. Use your iPod screen as a flashlight
  12. When running wires through a ceiling, remove a pot light, stick your cell phone in the hole, and take a flash photo to identify obstacles
  13. WARNING: FIRE HAZARD! Use a server to raise the temperature of your basement for beer brewing
  14. WARNING: FIRE HAZARD! Roast coffee in your popcorn popper
  15. WARNING: FIRE HAZARD! Use your computer as a space heater
  16. WARNING: FIRE HAZARD! Dry wood in the microwave
  17. WARNING: FIRE HAZARD! Make jewelry from microwaved CDs
  18. Take the taboo out of "condom" with a ringtone
  19. Program your cell phone as a "boss alarm"
  20. Avoid cell phone fees by "flashing"
  21. Microcoordinate
  22. Cell phones have taken away our ability to plan anything
  23. Facebook friends are different than face-to-face friends
  24. Head lice have the power to bring people together
  25. Keep a list of movies and books you want to see or read on your iPod
  26. Use the last 10 seconds of a song on your iPod to take your pulse
  27. Replace your BIC lighter with a cell phone at concerts.
This episode features Creative Commons music and sound effects:


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