Contest: Rename the "Spark Enhanced" Podcast

Spark Super Deluxe Podcast

There are three (count 'em)... three different flavours of the Spark podcast: the Regular Strength podcast (weekly 27-minutes long episodes), the Spark Lite podcast (low-bandwidth versions of those same episodes), and the Spark Enhanced podcast.

The Spark Enhanced podcast includes regular weekly episodes, plus bonus, web-only audio like full uncut interviews. Most of the interviews are released before the show goes to air on the radio. It's a bit like drinking directly from the Spark fire hose.

But as I recently learned, there's a serious problem with the Spark Enhanced podcast: the name.

According to former Spark guest Derek K. Miller, our "enhanced podcast" isn't really an enhanced podcast:

Since 2005, an Enhanced Podcast has meant one thing: an AAC audio podcast file with chapters, changing artwork, and clickable links. [...] In other words, an Enhanced Podcast is a different media format, with the same audio as a regular MP3 podcast, but additional media embedded in the file. That's not what your Spark Enhanced Podcast is -- it's a podcast feed with extra files in it, in addition to the shows in the regular podcast.

Semantics? Yes. But in the interest of accuracy, we're going to rename the Spark Enhanced podcast, and we need your help. Leave your suggestion for the soon-to-be former "Spark Enhanced" podcast in the comments below. The best one earns bragging rights and a nifty Spark grocery bag.

My suggestion? "Spark Super Deluxe Podcast."


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