Contest: How much did that cost at the Northern?

How much does it cost at the Northern
photo by Jackie Sharkey

Update 2: Here are the answers:

:: Bananas--$3.45
:: Dog food--$11.99
:: Cranberry juice--$10.49
:: Potato chips--$5.75
:: Toilet paper--$12.79
:: Laundry detergent--$25.99

Thanks to everyone who answered. The winners are: Maggie Trojand (only .39 cents off!) and Kara, Flora Doehler, Kyle Desormeaux and genia (.46 cents off.) Enjoy your Spark bags.

Update: Contest is closed. Results are being tabulated, and winners will be contacted shortly.

On this week's show, Jackie Sharkey tells us why so many people in Nunavut shop online. Jackie lives in Rankin Inlet and explains that there are only handful of stores in most towns and not a lot of selection. The most popular store is the Northern, where people get their groceries.

So this week we bring you, "How much did that cost at the Northern?" Food is expensive up North, but can you guess how expensive? Jackie went out and bought six items:

:: Bananas
:: Dog food
:: Cranberry juice
:: Potato chips
:: Toilet paper
:: Laundry detergent.

Tell us how much you think each item costs, and list them highest to lowest. Post your answer in the comments.

The 5 people with the closest answers will each get a Spark re-usable grocery bag. The contest closes next Monday November 17 in the evening, when we'll ask Jackie to post the answers.

Oh, and the pup? That's Jackie's pooch Sully, and he's not included in the game. Think of him as a Price is Right Girl, just showing off the goods.


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