LOLcat Idol


A little while ago, Nora asked you to submit your best LOLcat-style caption for a photo of her cat Billie. She promised to pick five winners to receive a stylish Spark re-useable grocery bag. We were amazed by the huge number of responses.

Here are the five winners (in order of submission date):

  2. "I kleened ur woter 4 u - now u gives tummy rubs?" - Liz
  3. "Plz buy peel/stick stamps. Old licky ones is noosance for RuffTung." - John
  4. "OH NOEZ!!!11 BILLIE IS TEH STUCK." - Tommy Vallier
  5. "I HAZ A DRNKEN PRO8LM." - Marc

There was so much interest in this LOLcat contest that we though we'd continue the fun. So we're declaring these five winners finalists in Spark's LOLcat Idol competition.

Starting Thursday, May 29, we'll start eliminating LOLcat captions one by one, until a single LOLcat caption remains. The winner will not only get bragging rights, but something nice from the CBC Shop, too.

Voting for the first round is now open, and will close at 9am Eastern on May 29. Shortly after that, the four remaining captions will advance to the next round, and voting will begin again.

Voting is easy: just comment on this post, and include the number (1-5) of the LOLcat caption you want to win. Make sure to include a valid email address in the comments, because by voting, your name gets entered into a hat for a Spark bag. Don't worry, your email address will not be published.


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