Help Us Out! Music Overload


Hey, I'm Andrew and I'm hanging out at Spark for a couple of weeks. And I need your assistance. I promise, I'm not asking for money, nor am I a Nigerian prince. I'm simply a music lover in distress.

At the start of 2012 I gave myself a goal to to discover a new band/musician/composer/ensemble every day for the rest of this year. I've been trying hard since then to follow through, with mixed success. My criteria is that if I was sitting in a bar, and this band comes on stage, would I stay for the whole set? If the answer is yes, they go on the list. If the answer is no, I move on and find another band.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the internet is big and there are a lot of songs on it. Lots of songs means lots of crap. Lots of crap means Andrew's spending a lot of time searching for bands fit for the list.

Sure, there are many websites to help. You've got Pitchfork, NME, the Guardian's band for a day page and loads of blogs, online radio stations and the like. But after searching these pages, I've noticed something. In the quest for finding the next big thing, they'll write about anyone and their banjo. Music overload. When one of these sites does happen to stumble across something really great, the other sites jump on it days later (just search "Devin Therriault" as an example). This ocean's one thousand miles wide and about an inch deep. What's a new music hound to do?

There are a few notable exceptions, and one I want to highlight here. Laurie Brown's Radio 2 program The Signal is, in my not so humble opinion, one of the greatest show on the FM dial or online when it comes to new music. If you haven't, check it out.

So here's where I need your help [Webmaster's note: FINALLY!]. I want you to let me know if you have the same problem I do. Do you find it difficult to find new bands? Where do you go for new music? Get lost in the online music world? Also, I lied. I am a Nigerian prince, and I want to share my vast wealth. All you need to do is let me know the names of some new bands I can add to my list, and I'll wire the cash to your bank account. [Webmaster's note: Andrew is not a Nigerian prince. He's a radio producer.]


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