Contest: Twitter haiku

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Original image by Mike Licht,

Do you twaiku?

Twitter has become a popular platform for posting haiku - short, unrhymed poems made up of 17 syllables or less.

Although traditional haiku are written in Japanese and tend to describe scenes of nature and human interactions, twaiku seem to vary greatly in style and purpose.

Raywat Deonandan is from Ottawa, and he's been twittering daily haiku for months now.  Nora will interview him this afternoon.

Raywat has inspired us to launch our own Twitter haiku competition, with a twist.

For the next two weeks, we're inviting you to write a haiku on the theme of technology. You can enter the contest by tweeting your haiku to @SparkCBC or email it to us, as long as it's under 140 characters.

The contest closes on June 15, when we'll draw for a Spark bag.

Stay tuned for our interview with Raywat, who will tell us what he thinks makes a good haiku!


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