Sneak Peek: SPIN-Farming in Saskatoon

Spin Farming

Last week, CBC producer Sean Prpick paid a visit to Saskatoon to meet the father of SPIN-Farming, Wally Satzewich. SPIN stands for Small, Plot, INtensive farming. Wally's idea to densely plant crops in available urban spaces, like backyards and abandoned lots, has caught on all over the world. Wally's crops are spread out over 25 half-a-dozen residential backyard garden plots that he rents from homeowners, plus land he owns himself.

There is lots of talk these days about urban farming and gardening, and SPIN is just one example of how people are making the most of little plots of land in the city.

Sean took some pictures and made a little documentary about his visit with Wally, and you can download the MP3.

This story will air on an upcoming episode of Spark, but we would love for you to listen in advance and leave us a comment with your two cents on urban farming.

updated: May 20 2009. Changed plot info


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