Merlin Mann: "Wholesome and ethical" ways to attract an audience to your blog

Over the coming weeks, Spark is running a special series about building an online presence you can be proud of. Merlin Mann of will be our guide, and we encourage you to pick up Merlin's homework and follow along at home or work. View all of Merlin's segments. 

So far, Merlin Mann has explained what makes a good blog, how to consider your audience, and why it's important to set expectations and supercharge your blog," what are some wholesome and ethical ways to organically attract an audience to your online presence? We've reposted the audio here as an MP3 download.

Merlin's homework assignment: Consider getting outside your URL. Meet some real people who share your interest. 

For Merlin's final segment in this series, he'll take your questions. Do you have a burning blogging question for Merlin? Leave it in the comments below.


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