Digital Wish List: Lynn Hughes

Leading up to the Canadian federal election, Spark presents Canada's Digital Wish List. We're asking people who work in technology and innovation to tell us what they think Canada needs to do now in order to be considered a major innovator in the future.

Lynn Hughes is a new media artist who specializes in the development of new interactive games. She also teaches at Concordia University in Montreal.

On Lynn's digital wishlist is a re-evaluation of the role that artists, and especially new media artists, play in driving design and innovation in Canada. Lynn sees artists collaborating and cooperating with engineers and designers everyday and feels they are every bit as important to innovation and Canada's economy as the engineers themselves.

Lynn's second wish focuses on Canada's digital generation gap. She feels our political leaders must make it a top priority to bridge the distance between those who've grown up with interactive technologies like the net and those who haven't. If they don't, young people can get bored and distracted, and Canada loses its ability to engage them in society and harness their skills for the future.

Finally, Lynn wants Canada to create a name for itself worldwide as a digital innovator. And one way to make this happen is to continue and increase support for innovative art to travel the globe. It's simple, really. You see a great interactive video online or in real life, it sticks with you and you go looking for more. Heck, you just might even type 'Canada' into Google.

You can listen to Lynn's wish list by downloading the MP3.

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