PBR: The TLA for the UHE

Original photo by bobjudge.


Translation of the post title? Pabst Blue Ribbon, the three letter acronym for the urban hipster elite! If you hang around the clubs that the Indie Rockerati frequent, you might have noticed the resurgence of American beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, in the past few years. The trend started in the States, but It's even made the jump to popularity here in home-and-native-brew Canada. It's gone from being the kind of under-advertised staple with dwindling sales that usually gets characterized as an 'old man beer,' to being a must-have bevvy for the alternative set. It's a classic case of "Anti-fashion" fashion.

On the next Spark, I talk to advertising guru and CBC broadcaster, Terry O'Reilly about the delicate art of marketing a product whose very success rests on it being neglected.

Check out this great 1939 archival video (from the Prelinger Archives, natch).


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