Prelude: What Makes a Good Blog?

Over the coming weeks, Spark is running a special series about building an online presence you can be proud of. Merlin Mann of will be our guide, and we encourage you to pick up Merlin's homework and follow along at home or work.

Back in September, Nora talked to Merlin about what makes a good blog. Merlin says it's about finding your obsession and finding your voice.

We're reposting that audio here as an MP3 download.

Merlin's homework assignment: Think about what your obsession is, and write a short 2nd post for your blog. Don't write the introductory post. Write 500 words that lay out your excitement about your obsession, and explain why your perspective is different.

Do you agree with Merlin? Completely disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, or better yet, write a response on your own blog and leave a link to it here.


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