On Full, Uncut Interviews...

If you hear something you like on Spark, in many cases, you can hear more at this site. Whenever possible, we post full, uncut interviews to the blog and enhanced podcast. At last count, there were about 16 hours of raw tape posted. Part of the reason we do this is because Spark is so short (27 minutes weekly), and we have so many great guests with so many interesting things to say. Most guests give their permission, so why not post the full interviews?

Along the same lines, I was happy to learn that the makers of Steal This Film II have started Steal This Footage, an archive of full interviews from the documentary (including previous Spark guests Howard Rheingold and Rick Prelinger):

This archive is intended to fulfill three objectives. We want to allow those interviewed the time to elaborate their perspectives in more detail, and to return the segments we selected to the context from which they emanated. We hope that these materials can be useful to those in search of greater detail.

Finally, in the spirit of cooperation and sharing, and by agreement with our interviewees, we are making this footage available to others who want to make films on this subject, and who may not have the resources to travel to and meet these exceptional individuals.

Holmes at the Miro blog says these filmmakers are "pushing forward on [a] frontier that will be ... hugely important to documentary film."

What do you think? What other types of media could benefit by posting extended, in-depth content online?


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