ROFLCon Wrap-up


ROFLCon took place this past weekend at MIT in Cambridge. Kate Raynes-Goldie was there, and blogged it for Spark. Here's her final post:

ROFLCon wrapped up on Saturday and I'm back home in Toronto thinking about how bringing together so many people all obsessed with the same thing and then throwing in the very objects of their obsession creates a lot of magical and hilarious moments that were completely unplanned. The best part was that all the internet celebs and meme-makers were so approachable, friendly and just as curious about the other memes as everyone else. Luke Walker, my fellow Canadian blogger, and I witnessed a cute moment in the wallway when the two stars of ROFLCon, Leslie Hall and the Tron Guy ran into each other and started chatting about their costumes wearing out (Luke got part of it on video).

Some other unexpected goodies:

  • While trying to score an interview with her mum, Luke and I got pulled into a secret room and ended up in a G4tv audition video to be a dancer for Leslie Hall. I ate a donut while dancing the robot, but still didn't get picked. I did get the interview though!

  • Ryan North, the creator of Dinosaur Comics and is from Toronto, told me that on the internet, no one knows you're a Canadian so he gets funny emails telling him he's either a "British poser or a bad American."

  • I ran into Matt Chapman (co-creator of Homestar Runner) and got him to do an ID for Spark. It's really strange to see a human talk like Strong Bad.

  • (Warning, this one is super geeky!) Tron Guy is a member of a lot of furry communities on Livejournal, but actually isn't a furry (as some people suspected). His roommate, however, is a semi-famous furry (how great of a mashup is that?) named Orvan Ox who delivers joke packages to people at conventions. Tron Guy told me he feels aligned with furries because "the furry community shares a lot of what I've dealt with... they get a lot of internet hate." I have to say I have so much respect for Tron Guy for totally owning his internet fame and wearing his custom with pride for the entire convention, rather than hiding from it like the Star Wars kid.

So that's it for my adventures at ROFLCon. kthxbye!

Kate Raynes-Goldie is an internet researcher and pervasive game maker whose excuse to go to ROFLCon was that she's doing her PhD in internet studies at Curtin University.


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