Skip the commute and get a robot...

Ivan Robot having coffee

Last fall we met software programmer Ivan Bowman and his colleagues at Sybase iAnywhere in Waterloo, Ontario. Actually, we didn't really meet Ivan, but we met his robot...

Ivan lives in Halifax and his employer is in Waterloo. Ivan works from home, but it wasn't always ideal, since keeping in touch by phone and instant messaging can be less than satisfying on both sides.

That's when the iAnywhere group decided they needed to "build" a Waterloo presence for Ivan. Before he knew it, Ivan had his very own robot, which he can control from his home and maneuver around the Waterloo office.

You can hear Ivan's story on this week's show. To see the robot, check out our Flickr set of photos.

And this just in...Ivan and his colleagues have released a video of the robot on YouTube. It's a spoof of 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can tell they are having lots of fun with their creation!


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