Bold Kid + Angry Wife = Nasty YouTube Moment

Here's a story we're looking at for next week's show. We're hoping you'll tell us what you think....

Last month, a high school student in Virginia called a school administrator, at home, to ask why the man had not canceled school that day. It had been snowing, and the student felt it should have been a snow day. He left a message, along with his phone number and his name.

The student's call was returned, not by the administrator, but by his wife. And it wasn't pretty. "How dare you call us at home" and "Get over it kid, and go to school" are a couple of key phrases.

Now, here's where it really gets ugly.

The student created a Facebook page called "Let them know what you think about schools not being canceled," and posted the message there for all to hear. The administrator's work and home numbers also appeared on the page.

The man and his wife received many calls, and the message was posted to YouTube, where it's had over 350,000 listens so far.

There are lots of questions at play here. The whole privacy vs public debate, the gap between kids and parents and technology and the idea of managing your reputation online, just to name a few.

So...what do you think? Did the student overstep his boundaries? Did the wife overreact? Post your opinion below and we'll use it on the show.


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