QR Codes in Clever CBC Campaign

This post added January 18th:

Maybe you remember that a while back on Spark, we did an item on QR Codes: next generation bar codes that are very popular in Japan. You take a picture of them with your cell phone camera, and the 'code' connects you to a website with more information about the product.

A Canadian company called Stitch Media has been using QR codes in a fun stealth marketing campaign for the new CBC TV show, The Border. From the contest's bumpf:

"For The Border: Interactive contest, players take a picture of the square black-and-white codes using their cell phone and send it to a designated telephone number. The information is then 'unlocked' by a main server. A player will then receive a text message that reveals the decoded information. Each new code captured will give the player a chance to win weekly prizes in The Border: Interactive mobile contest - prizes include gift certificates for thousands of dollars in electronics merchandise."

You can check out the contest here at The Border's website.


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