More Stories of Email "Sender Regret"

There is a wonderfully horrific story on this week's show about a woman who wrote a very nasty email to her co-worker and mistakenly CC'd CEO and all of her supervisors on her note.

That story was captured by freelancer Sophie Kohn, who also recorded three other great stories of sender regret. The full MP3s are available for download here:

  • Karolina was unhappy at work, thought she hit forward but hit reply all (mp3)
  • Karen Mitton psychoanalyzed a friend in an email, then accidentally sent it to him (mp3)
  • Ashley Bennion wrote a scathing email to a boyfriend and accidentally forwarded it to the wrong person (mp3)
  • Nana unknowingly sent an angst-ridden poem to her boss via instant messaging (mp3)

After listening to those, I realized that we're lucky here at the CBC. We have an email system that lets you yank a regrettable out of the receiver's inbox if you get second thoughts after hitting send (it only works for CBC addresses, so I'm out of luck if I send an email to anyone outside the Corp).

We want to play your stories of regrettable email on the show next week. Comment below and we'll mix them into the program.


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