Free the Net: Community WiFi

On the October 10/13 episode of Spark, Nora took a ride on David McCallum's Warbike, a bicycle modified to turn WiFi signals into musical-sounding noise.

Personal wireless networks are plentiful in many parts of our country, as are commercial hotspots from the likes of Bell, Rogers, Telus, and other wireless providers.

But municipal wireless plans have been struggling recently. They've been shelved or are in limbo in a number of American cities -- Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

One alternative to muni WiFi that's enjoying a bit of a vogue is community or neighbourhood wireless. That's where a volunteer community gets together to provide wireless in a small area.

Tod Maffin has a nice technology column this week about one community wireless project: the Vancouver-based Free The Net initiative.

You can listen to Tod's column on CBC Radio Thursday, or online anytime at his site.


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