Sneak Peek at Episode Seven: William Gibson

Ever since novelist William Gibson broke out with the iconic cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer, he's been sketching eerily prescient, near-future worlds that seem both uncanny and entirely believable.

His new novel, Spook Country, is set in the recent past. Even still, it points the way to the future, to the world just dawning now, where cyberspace has "everted," pushed out into the real world.

William Gibson appears on our October 17th and October 20th show and podcast, but the entire interview is available right here for you to preview.

William Gibson talks about the way more and more of us are always connected to the internet through cell phones and other mobile wireless devices. How do you react when you can't check your email for a long time? Do you check your email when you go to a friend's house? Pop into a public library when you're on vacation?

'Fess up!


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