Sneak Peek at Episode 4: The Bionic Man

A couple of weeks ago, Nora received a facebook message from Mike Partridge in Saint John, New Brunswick. Mike wanted to let us know how technology has changed his life. Mike was deaf, but two years ago, he got a cochlear implant, and now he can hear again.

A cochlear implant is a bionic technology. Mike is the Bionic Man! (by the way, the new Bionic Woman TV show debuts on NBC next week...)

Here is a working version of our interview with Mike. We still need to add music, and tighten it up a little, but we thought we'd post it here first to solicit comments.

Do you have a personal story about using technology to improve your body's function? Laser-eye surgery, or maybe a hip replacement? Tell us how it changed the way you live.


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