About the Show

Spark is all about tech, trends, and fresh ideas. With an eye on the future, host Nora Young guides you through this dynamic era of technology-led change, and connects your life to the big ideas changing our world right now.

About the Spark Team

Spark is produced in Toronto by Michelle Parise, Dan Misener, Kent Hoffman and Nora Young (Nora's so rad, she gets her own page).

Michelle Parise has been with the CBC for most of her adult life. Wait, for all of her adult life! Crazy but true. Spark is her dream job, so lucky her!

Dan Misener loves his mom and blogs at misener.org

Kent Hoffman has worn many different hats (and coats) at CBC Radio working on many programs including White Coat Black Art, Outfront, and As It Happens. He recently produced the 2012 CBC summer series Fear Itself and tried his hand at making 'scary radio'. His radio philosophy is the same as Eddie Van Halen's music philosophy: If it sounds good -- it is good.