December 2012

201: Eye Contact, Unboxing, Raspberry Pi

This week on Spark - Adventures in computational humour. Inside the culture and ritual of 'unboxing'. We find out if...


200: Videogames, Cell Storage, Individualism

This week on Spark - Why networked individualism is the new social operating system. We see whether the neighbourhood video...


Mary DeMarle on Videogame Storytelling

Mary DeMarle is the narrative director at videogame company Eidos Montreal. She speaks with Nora about the challenges of writing...


199: Scouts, Apps, Maps

This week on Spark - Earn your orienteering badge! We look at the future of collaborative digital mapping. What maps...


Jerry Brotton on the History of Maps

Jerry Brotton is a professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University of London. He speaks with Nora about the...


Future of Digital Mapmaking

Nora Young speaks with Andrew Turner. He's the Chief Technology Officer of Esri R&D Center in Washington, D.C. where he's...


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