Tech Gadgets + Kids = Loss of Creativity

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This week, we're working on a story about whether our obsessive gadget use is at the expensive of giving ourselves time to think and create, to be idle, to daydream.

As a parent of a young child, it made me wonder - if we don't leave ourselves much daydreaming time, then what about our kids? I know how easy it is to hand over the Leapster or portable DVD player to my 4.5 year old if we're in the car or in a restaurant. And I see parents all around me doing                it too, shoving tech into their kids' hands at the first sign of boredom or, more often than not, well before, as if in some kind of boredom/tantrum preemptive strike.

Now not only are we never idle thanks to our devices, we're filling our kids' empty spaces with them too.

Here's the thing: I've found lately on car trips with my daughter, that if I just leave her back there without any tech she ends up telling fantastical stories, singing creative songs she makes up on the spot, or asking questions about things we pass on the street. But as soon as we put any kind of screen in front of her, she is essentially "gone" for hours, and it becomes difficult to get that vibrant, creative kid back.

So what do you think? Are parents contributing to a decline in creativity by not allowing our children the space to daydream? Are you a parent who hands your kids a tech gadget to keep them still and quiet (and then worries about the impact later)? Or do you do it with no regrets at all? Maybe you think kids need these tech tools to be part of the digital world. It's not so black and white is it? I'd love to hear your thoughts, and we may include them in our show this week.

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