Full Interview: Liban Ali Yusuf on Rapmetrics

Photo by Liban Ali Yusuf

Liban Ali Yusuf is a chemical engineering student at the University of Waterloo. But in his spare time, he has created a system for the statistical analysis of rap lyrics. Kinda like sports stats but applied to hip hop.

Liban has designed software that measures things like rhyme density, syllables per word, and novel word proportion. He has also used his research to create an online rhyming dictionary for rappers. Not an easy thing, since the rhymes in rap are mostly imperfect.

Liban calls it RapMetrics and here he tells Nora all about how and why he was called to quantify that $#*!.

A shorter version of this interview will air on a future episode of Spark, but you can hear the full, uncut interview below, or download the MP3. [runs 18:23]

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