Full Interview: David Fewer on Copyright Reform

Photo by Marcin Wichary

The Canadian government is taking another crack at reforming our nation's extremely outdated copyright laws. Two previous bills died when Parliament dissolved. But Bill C-32 is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and before committee. How necessary are these changes? Bill C-32 would finally make it legal to record a program on your VCR to watch at a later time. Yes - a practice that is technically illegal in Canada. Right now, it's also illegal to rip music from a CD to play on your MP3 player. David Fewer is the director of The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic. He is also an intellectual property and technology lawyer. A shorter version of Nora's  interview with David will air on episode 129 of Spark, but you can listen right now to their full conversation on the pros and cons of Bill C-32. Audio here. [runs 20:20]


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