Are Portable Devices Fueling Interest in Old Art?

old books
Original Image by Tom Maisey

This summer, I bought a new laptop, and, because it was so hot upstairs, I started working downstairs on the more portable laptop computer. I also found myself consuming more media--specifically movies--on the laptop. I'm a fan of old movies, and I found a wealth of free, public domain movies to watch online, through sites such as

Then it struck me; if I was hungrily looking for public domain content for my laptop, how about all the other people with electronic book readers, music players, and mobile electronics? Anecdotally, it seems to me that people are taking to classic, public domain work with new enthusiasm. Sure, we've long had public domain books available online, but now, they look better (and are easier to curl up on the couch with) than before. Movies from the '30s, with their grainy images, may not look great on a big screen TV, but on a portable device, classics fueled by smart, speedy dialogue stand up fabulously!

How about you? Have you been investigating public domain art? Why? What are some of your best sources?


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