What Do You Think About Facebook and Privacy?

Original image by katerha

Recent privacy changes at Facebook--and the complexity of them--have been the cause for much discussion and dissection in tech journalism, and in political circles.

There are also reports surfacing that suggest people are considering leaving Facebook. Anecdotally, I've spoken to a few people who have either left Facebook, or are considering it.

That has left us with lots of questions, and has us wondering about your experience. I'm hoping you'll weigh in with your thoughts as we work on a piece about Facebook, social networking, and privacy.

Are you reconsidering your involvement with Facebook in light of privacy changes? How do you feel about the way those changes were enacted? Do you feel that perhaps you'd like to leave, but it would mean cutting yourself off from friends and family.

On the other hand, perhaps you're perfectly comfortable with the state of your privacy on Facebook, either because you don't post anything too revealing, or you don't feel you have anything to hide. Maybe you like the idea of being public about your tastes, interests and preferences online, much as many people are comfortable doing that with some other social media.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks!


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