Help Us Out: Most Important Memento

Original image by tibchris

On this week's Spark, we're talking about documenting lives and histories, keeping memories of the past, and when it's ok to 'dematerialize'. As part of that, we'd like to get your thoughts on mementos or keepsakes that have been passed on to you. We'd like to know what the most important memento in your life is, and why. Perhaps it's something that was left to you by a relative. Maybe it was a souvenir given to you from a particularly memorable time in your life. It could be a joyful memory, or something more bittersweet.

For me, it's a pair of coasters. A close friend of mine passed away a little over a year ago. He was a very talented painter. I have several of his paintings, which he had given to me over the years, but somehow, these two ceramic coasters, which he painted himself at his family's cottage, are what I connect with the most. They're so personal, and fragile, and show a lot of his personality: his sense of humour and feeling for nature. They don't make me sad; they bring his memory close to me.

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