How am I supposed to use this phone with my mittens on? REDUX

A little more than a year ago, we did a short radio story about why capacitive touchscreens (like the one found on the iPhone) don't work when you're wearing mittens or gloves. It aired on Spark 51.

Recently, I came across Steve Hoefer's ingenious solution to this problem: sew a few loops of capacative thread through the fingers of your glove.

Eager to try this out, I tweeted that I was looking for some conductive thread in Toronto, and @clothbot put me in touch with @hypatiadotca, AKA Leigh Honeywell of We arranged to meet, and last night, Leigh and I sewed conductive thread into our gloves. Here's the video to prove it:

A short follow-up story will air on Spark 94. What about you? Have you found solutions to any other cold-weather gadget problems?


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