Full Interview: Carl Wilson on mp3s and the Sound of (Pop) Music

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A while back, I started wondering whether the fact that so many of us listen to music on mp3s is changing how songwriters and record producers make pop music. If mp3s tend to have a tinny, thinner sound than cds or vinyl, it stands to reason that songwriters would craft tunes to use that thinness to best effect.

What do you think? Do you miss the old days of rich vinyl sound, or are you just happy to have your music in a more convenient form? Does the technology used to play music really affect the kind of music that's written? Please add your comment below. Thanks!

For an upcoming, special, MUSIC edition of Spark, I talk to author, blogger, and Globe and Mail music critic, Carl Wilson about changing technology and the evolution of pop music's sound.

A shorter version of this interview will air on the March 25th and 28th episode of Spark, but you can download the MP3.

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